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Experiencing Walks in Nature

Updated: May 14

Have you ever walked through a nature preserve or on a trail at dusk? Watching the sun set over the horizon and through the trees while a soothing breeze calms your heart? Listening to the birds call out their evening songs, the rustling of a squirrel in the bushes, the babbling brook slowly guiding nature from a vibrant day into a quiet night? Have you paused and breathed deeply for a moment?

I have, and I would highly recommend it (putting safety first, of course).

As The Deer | © 2022 Chris Fiegel | All rights reserved worldwide.

Side note: if you’re interested in these kinds of photos and more, be on the lookout for the full collection next week by following my Instagram (@chrisfiegel) or Facebook (@officialchrisfiegel) pages!

Doesn’t that moment pictured above just remind you of the classic Disney film, Bambi? Personally, I was also reminded of Steffany Gretzinger’s beautiful song, “As The Deer,” in this moment, hence the title for the photo. If you haven’t seen the classic film or heard the music, I have some assigned homework for you in your free time 😉

Feel free to post a comment of your experience below - I’d love to hear about it!

Granted, there are moments that I’m not fully recognizing and experiencing this kind of beauty of nature; sometimes, running on these paths while listening to an audiobook (and breathing heavily as my conditioning gets worked) or driving by the blissful preserve while unapologetically singing “Go the Distance” from Hercules (1997) in my car can be just as fulfilling. Still, I strongly recommend taking your moments, wherever and whenever they might be, to sit in appreciation of nature, particularly at dawn and at dusk. And why not capture a picture - whether digital or just a mental snapshot - of these moments for your memories?


In other news, I’ve been thinking about leaders and communication. Notables like Simon Sinek and Brené Brown among many, many others have shaped the landscape of professional and personal communication in my lifetime. Recently, I came across an insightful TEDx talk this past week, given by Tim Pollard (Founder and CEO of Oratium and author of The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design) on the art of communication and presentation.

When the pressures and stressors of presenting an idea to your boss, your peers, your parents, or an audience loom in the near future, we don't always prioritize what our presentations actually mean to the people receiving the message. Need a better plan? Pollard focuses on how we communicate in both professional and personal environments, emphasizing three key points to keep in mind when creating presentations, telling stories, and becoming a "better, world-class communicator":

1.) Beware of the 3 Sirens

2.) "Retell-ability"

3.) The Pyramid of Planned Outcome

Watch the video here:


Detaching from the world for a bit, taking a deep breath, and listening to your heart may be something to consider as you move about your own life in the coming weeks. For me, recognizing moments like the "As The Deer" moment deepens my sense of purpose, passion, and place. Be kind to yourself and others, and, if you can, experience your walk in nature.

Until next time, thanks for your time today, and have a great one!


P.S. Each time I post, I am including a list of some of my creative role models, providing their links, so you, too, can see their amazing content and be inspired!

  1. Steffany Gretzinger (

  2. Tim Pollard (

  3. Simon Sinek (

  4. Brené Brown (

  5. Alan Menken, Hercules (1997) composer (

Check them out, and more to come! See you next time!

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