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Chris Fiegel, founder and chief photographer of Chris Fiegel Photography, has always looked to seize the day and capture the moments of life that can often seem fleeting. He has worked to cultivate a diverse portfolio, which includes samples of photography scenes of mountainous landscapes, portraits and headshots, music, and writing samples. 

Chris is a multi-faceted individual with a passion for artistry, science, and creation. Recently graduating from Penn State University, Chris works relentlessly in multiple fields, including research, photography, music & podcast production, theatre, writing, and more. He strives to create a better, brighter future each day by upholding standards of excellence through each endeavor. 

Continuing his pursuits, he wants to sincerely thank his family, friends, and community for their unwavering support as he moves forward, striving to create a better, brighter future.

Currently, he is based out of Bethlehem, PA in the United States.

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