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Beep, beep…<click>...

Do you know that sound? The one when the focus is set, right as your finger presses down on the shutter button? The shot is there. The air is crisp. The time is right. Your breathing is held back ever so slightly. There’s a stillness - a forever feeling - about this entire moment. Just you, the camera, and the world around.

Then, click.

Assabet National Wildlife Refuge | © 2022 Chris Fiegel | All rights reserved worldwide.


Welcome to the blog! The official blog of!

Your first time here? Mine, too.

Whether you’re new to the blog or a returning friend from my life, welcome to the fun!

So, some of you may know me, but some of you may not. Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Chris Fiegel. I am a freelance photographer and content creator, specializing in nature photography, portraiture, video, design, and music creation. But that’s not all…

The basics:

  1. Currently, I'm based out of the Boston, MA area.

  2. My favorite color is navy blue!

  3. I tell Dad jokes, despite not being a Dad myself (e.g. why was the camera feeling lonely? Because it was ISO-lated…) for more, visit here

  4. Although I’ve produced many different projects in the past and will share some of them with you in the future <insert unabashed plug to subscribe to the blog here>, this is my first time writing my official blog (just being honest).

  5. The gear, and where it all started: I was fortunate enough to get my first camera when I was 16. It was a Canon EOS 7D. It was wonderful. It was magical. It was a learning experience waiting to happen.

  6. I am a Penn State graduate (We Are!) in the Class of 2021 - yes, somehow we humbly managed classes, a tumultuous national election, and a global pandemic - with a B.S. in Psychology, Certificate in Trauma Studies, and significant lessons for life.

  7. Being at the start of this blog - and venture - is scary, indeed, but I remember the words of one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Tim Ferriss (, “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

You might be curious: Chris, what’s this blog about?

That’s a valid question. This is my first post, so who am I to talk? Well, here’s where we are going (if you read this far, you’re in this now buddy - we’re in this together 😉).

First and foremost, this is all coming from my point of view. This blog is meant to provide insight and, perhaps, some education around the world of photography, freelance work, and life. I seek to continually learn and grow in nature photography (as my loving girlfriend so eloquently put it, “Babe, that’s your thing.”) and portraiture work, accompanied by creative exploits in video, design, editing, and music.

That being said, the perspectives and opinions are wholly my own unless otherwise noted, and some experiences detailed may be slightly altered to protect the names and identities of those involved (Law & Order -style; “Dun-dun”).

Second, this is a space to connect - both with me and others! Feel free to interact in the comments and reach out, but please be kind with each other. With great power comes great responsibility, right? Let me know if you have any questions along the way!

Last, there are MANY stories and lessons to share, so please consider subscribing to the blog for email updates on my upcoming posts. If you don’t want to, that’s okay, too. Want a preview? Look no further…

Jarring me awake, my alarm goes off at 3:40AM. Yes, you read that right. 3:40AM. I am so groggy, but I push myself out of bed. Young and naive, I didn’t put out clothes the night before, so I stumble in the dark to grab a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. The lights of the bathroom are very bright to my half-awake self, but “an apple away keeps the dentist away” only works if you brush and floss regularly. After finishing up, I quietly grab my camera bag, make sure it has the camera in it (a very important step), and head out the door. It was a cooler morning in June, when the air is crisp and crickets chirp their melodies as the stars roll over the night sky. I cross the road to my car, and the door creaks a bit as I open it up, trying not to wake my family or the neighbors. My car needs to warm up, and there’s darkness all around, but I know where I’m going…

And that’s it (for now)! Be on the lookout for that next blog and more to come about my comedy (and a bit of tragedy) of experiences, lessons in professional and personal growth, and adventures behind the lens.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through my site ( Don’t feel like browsing? That’s quite alright - here’s my contact info if you want to reach out!

Chris Fiegel


Until next time, have a great one!


P.S. Each time I post, I am including a list of some of my creative role models, providing their links, so you, too, can see their amazing content and be inspired!

  1. Aria’s Voice (

  2. Peter McKinnon (

  3. Chris Hau ( & Lizzie Peirce (

  4. Mark Denney (

  5. Zach Cooley (

  6. Allison Anderson (

  7. Kraig Adams (

  8. Joe McNally (

  9. Chase Jarvis (

  10. Tristan Brodsky (

Check them out, and more to come! See you next time!

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