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D A D  J O K E S 

Welcome to the Dad Jokes page! Yes, you're reading that right. I am a big fan of dad jokes, and I tend to think of them randomly from time-to-time, despite not being a dad myself. Here, you can enjoy a catalog of dad jokes AND even submit one of your own if you'd like to be featured!

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What do you call an accident that involved two guitar players? A Fender-bender.


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The Dad Jokes by Chris Fiegel

  • Why do cameras sometimes feel lonely? Because they're ISO-lated.

  • Do you know why some people don't like scary photos? Because they're "shutter"ing. 

  • Boxers are real good with jokes. They particularly like the punchlines.

  • How do you make a phone call to a star? You sundial it.

  • I have a friend - this guy named Hugh. We call him a fellow Hugh-man.

  • How do birds communicate? Using a Squawk code (aviation-related, look it up if you're interested!)

  • Have you seen the Amazing Invisible Circus? Neither have I.

  • It was clear to the detective that this picture was the key to solving the crime. It was undoubtedly framed.

and many more to come!

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