Born and raised in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, I am a current undergraduate student pursuing coursework towards an Integrative Arts degree with the ambition and intention of creating a better, brighter future for the living generations and the generations to come. 

My experiences vary throughout the realms of film production, music production, photography, project development, sports, coaching, volunteerism, and professional endeavors. Ranging from bellman to volunteer to entrepreneur, my professional and non-professional experiences have unveiled meaningful lessons that are personally cherished humbly and deeply. My vision is wide and far while my pursuits are focused and dedicated, and I often embrace the philosophy that life, sometimes, isn't about finding the answers, but rather experiencing the questions.
ChrisFiegel.com is about the experiences, memories, questions, and humanness I am fortunate enough to be able to embrace throughout this conscious life; this website is a looking glass into the dynamic and infinite realms of one person's thoughts, emotions, experiences, and soul on this lovely home of a planet we name Earth.
There are stories of people I've met along the beaten path, thresholds that have been broken through, and moments that are captured in multiple forms of expression. I hope you enjoy the many facets of life, lessons, laughs, and love shared and woven into this journey of stories. 
Please feel free to share, send me a message, or share your story in the comments of the posts. 
Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. Live.
Born out of the awareness of relentless pursuits, the above phrasing is a simplified and cultivated, personal mantra that has acted as somewhat of a guide throughout my life, and I hope that it's written, spoken, and observed meanings and interpretations are as powerful and influential to our humanity as it has been in my own life.