The Love I Feel - 12 • 18 • 2016 - By Chris Fiegel

The Love I Feel




and hears.


Inherent Love.

It spreads. 

It deepens.


The Love I Feel

becomes more than me. 

It spreads



and happiness.


Moments are cherished.

Memories are created.

We become aware.

People smile.

Humans love.


The Love I Feel

does not hurt.


Pain hurts.

Rejection hurts.

Betrayal hurts.


The Love I Feel

does not hurt.


The Love I Feel

recognizes pain,


and empathy.


It weeps at injustice.

It fears for the uncontrollable.

It reaps consequence,

and understands; it comprehends.


The Love I Feel

sees people

and searches their souls,

exploring new depths.


Experiences are embraced.

Detail becomes enhanced.

Freedom becomes free.


The Love I Feel

knows change.

Respect, passion, and courage.

Elements of change.


The Love I Feel

can’t be pin-pointed.

I’ve tried.


It is somewhere deep

within the mind.

An interpretation of the

culmination of knowledge

in the experience of Love.


The Love I Feel

warms the soul.


Heart rate increases.

Barriers collapse.

Souls engage.

Differences; irrelevant.


The Love I Feel

knows not all,

but surrenders

to the growth of intelligence

and experience.


Yearning for progress

for oneself

and for others. 

Observation. Relation. Connection.


The Love I Feel

seeks adventure.

A lifetime of new, embraced



Experiencing the splendors of life.

Deep in majestic beauty.

Aware, and present.


The Love I Feel

senses evolving peace.

A quiet, eternal revolution

of serenity and human nature.


The Love I Feel

is humbled

and empowered

by the love I, and so many,

receive on a daily basis.


The Love I Feel

is final,

and evolving.


One life.

Experiencing time.

Experiencing questions.

Experiencing people.

Experiencing love.


The Love I Feel.


Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. Live.

Trust - 8 • 03 • 2016 - By Chris Fiegel


What a notion.


To trust is to expose. 

Expose that of which is not yet known,

yet it swirls around,

awaiting it’s turn to center.


What is it? What is waiting?

Alas! I speak of truth!

For truth is the key.

A key? For what?


Only in truth do we find our purpose,

and only in purpose do we find truth.


What is a man who has no purpose? Untruthful.

What is a man who has no truth? Without purpose.


Endless paradox. 

Let’s begin.


Step One. 

Murder your passive pity, for I have killed mine.

Strike down illusion with the axe of transparency.

Embrace storied people 

as experience has undoubtedly grasped them,

and yield yourself to an evolution of understanding.


Wholeheartedly direct your passions

in the direction of dreams,

for reality dies with each passing,

but dreams live on eternally. 


Step Two.

Think. Write. Speak. 

Three cornerstones of communication.

Relish in these bricks of life,

and aid the teaching of these to those willing. 


Language can be trivial to the unimaginative

and extraordinary to the dreamer.


Judgments! Curse these judgments!

Let language live, and learn by it.

Learn through all, in hopes that one

experiences a life fulfilled.


Step Three. 

Protect. Preserve.

As the fort built with a weak foundation

will not withstand the mighty winds

or brutal attacks of an enemy.


Dare you, ingest the morphines of life

and watch as they slowly weaken you,

first, building, then, demolishing 

the very happiness they promised to provide.


Seek light over darkness, 

especially when darkness draws near.


The man is broken

who pursues darkness over light.


The man is fixed

who grasps for light over darkness. 



Judgments! Blast these cursed judgments!

Is that all we are? 

Broken puzzles destined to be mended

by the fixed; the corrected. 


I cry no!

Often misguided are the efforts of the good-intended

for sometimes they are blind to experience.

Experience of travesty.

Experience of horror.

Experience of perpetual damnation.


Ah, but I, too, cry yes!

For these efforts, led by effective measure and patience,

can prove fruitful in quests towards harmonious experience.

Experience of bliss.

Experience of love.

Experience of perpetual life.


I speak, my friends, to freedom, once again!

For the endless paradoxical nature of life

can be twisted by distressed emotions and thoughts.

To open and to close.

To enter and to leave.

To speak and to listen.

To laugh and to cry.

To love and to hate.

To live and to die.

Live and die.

Do not stress, my friends.



Alas! It is a mystery, indeed!

An adaptation of a novel written by your predecessors,

timelessly evolving as does the wind.


These are times of choice!

Times of decision!

I say, with regard to life,

be gentle!

be kind!

be perceptive!

be open!

be transparent!



Run to the wild,

away from troubles of material gain,

for the world is paradox.

Temptation and absolution.


Run! Fast! 

Time is fleeting,

and life is short and long,

so prepare thyself for an awakening,

that ye may see it clear! 


Embrace the wonders of the world

whilst protecting, with love,

the maze of individuality and humanness

that is the compass of one’s life!


Embrace disillusionment

that disbands stains of deceit and lies,

and direct thyself towards more truth and life!


Trust in measures enriched to perpetuate happiness.

Be true to the nature of oneself, 

shunning dishonest or contempt-ridden pride,

and exhale hope and love into a world that often lacks. 


Have you not the guts to ask me? Ask, my friends!

For I yearn for relation, and I speak unto thee with this urge.

Have you not the courage to break from thy shackles?

Break, o, break from thy shackles! Awake your purpose and truth!

For it lives within each of us. Always.


Welcome the wind, seek fruitful endeavors, and experience gently.


Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. Live.


Carpe Diem.

My Friends - 7 • 30 • 2016 - By Chris Fiegel

My friends, 

Before us lie an opportunity.

An opportunity that is of great importance.

The opportunity of a lifetime!


We stand amongst the masses

enduring fiery days of exhaustive measures, 

attempting to eliminate evils we observe.

Counting down the hours of existence, of which we know not,

we contemplate ideas of past, present, and future,

envisioning and reflecting in our perspectives.


Ding! Ding!


We trip, fall, and barrel into depths,

depths of despair and hopelessness,

bombarded with a barrage of ill fortune over and over.

Trampled by the wildebeests that are uncontrollable.



Or so we think.


Rage, friends, is rooted in problems, 

and, thus, may yield solution.



Must my emotions drive my thinking?!

This can’t be, it must not be!

Rational thought and intellectual substance

directed towards a moral right

will prevail in this fight. 

It must!


Round 1 Finished

Emotion versus Thought


Ding! Ding!


Break your shackles and cast your eyes 

upon the revolution.

For I see the world one way, and you,


For mine is right and yours is wrong!

For I have sight and you are blind!


Doth this yield much love? This approach!


Do my eyes deceive me? 

Why can’t your sight be the same as mine?


I am proud of my peace.

Wait! Can there be pride in peace?

For someone will always resent that pride, 

and, therefore, there can be no peace?

Does pride hurt more than it helps?


Knowledge, arrogance, ignorance, naïve.

Words that govern.


For what I see holds the same right

to what you see. 


Round 2 Finished

Perception versus Reality


Ding! Ding!


Strangled by the hands of routine, condition, 

conformity, and comfort.


Blast your comfort!


For he who is not comfortable can grow,

yet he who is different

is cast aside by his one-toned peers. 


There must be another way! A balance?



I say to you

whose eyes and ears are open,

whose desire burns like wildfire,

whose soul endlessly yearns for life,

whose purpose searches for meaning:










Make your choice! 

The opportunity is now!

And, best, it is yours!


Cast your lines out to sea

so that you may grasp life,

rather than watch

as it passes beneath you!


Build thy strength

so that ye may endure troubled storms

and withstand the fury

until the morning sun strikes the horizon!


Cast your eyes to the stars

so that you may see light,

rather than neglect the spectacles

that transpire across the universe!





For you and I are as different

as the colors,

but we are, too, the same!


Strike life into your souls, 

and the souls of others,

if only to experience anew.


Round 3 Finished

Life versus Death


Grasp at every moment, embrace experience, and find life.


Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. Live.